Because Who We Are is More Than What We Do


Diversity makes us stronger.

Promote women and give opportunities to those who are more than capable but often overlooked due in part to socioeconomic status, social mobility, or immigrant origin.

Lifting others up instead of holding them down is part of who we are. Our team has a casual dress code so they can spend more on their families and less on appearance. Degrees alone are not a requirement to get ahead.

Providing a living wage is the right thing to do regardless of the industry. And closing the gender pay gap is long overdue.

We are deeply connected and must contribute to the local and world communities. Developing meaningful relationships with people at home and abroad is important.

Being considerate of the environment is a given. Sustainability is a key factor when making business decisions and planning for the future. We must treat our surroundings and all living things with respect and dignity.

Make an effort to ensure everyone’s voice is heard. Not just those who live in certain countries, hold positions of power, or who work at privileged universities.

Encourage people to be themselves. Build an inclusive and nurturing workplace. Freely support expressions of creativity and innovation, especially through startups, the arts, culture, education and literacy.