We’re always looking for ways to reduce and eliminate products that are proven to be environmentally unfriendly or unhealthy for our employees, our community and our planet.


FSC® Certified Paper

We offer a variety of paper choices that are FSC certified and/or contain post-consumer waste (PWC). If you choose to use an FSC-certified paper, you may include the FSC and Rainforest Alliance logos in your publication to share your commitment to sustainability with your readers.

Vegetable Inks and Reduced VOC Emissions

Allen Press offers customers the option to use environmentally friendly inks that contain vegetable oil and other bio renewable content (BRC). These inks are naturally low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and produce fewer emissions.


We recycle paper, aluminum printing plates, and corrugated cardboard. The polywrap used for mailing publications is made of a recyclable material, and our shipping cartons are constructed of 20–30% post-consumer waste (PCW). Employees support our sustainability mission through grassroots efforts to recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, office paper and home computer equipment.