Top 5 Tips for Improving Your Association Website

5 Tactics for Improving Your Association Website

We’ve been told since the dawn of time that first impressions are important, and it isn’t any different for websites. When someone visits your society or association website, they should be getting a snapshot of who you are as an organization. What’s the mission of the association? Why do people purchase memberships? What are the member benefits?

Parasite Paintings and More at the Annual ASP Event in Cancun


Artwork, T-shirts, and jewelry raise thousands for students at annual ASP auction

At a glance, the painting looks like an iconic beach scene: a palm tree, a boat drifting offshore. But something is not right. Is that a giant worm wriggling around in the boat? Wait—the boat itself is a worm! And the tree is capped with things that look like palm fronds, but who can be sure? Nothing in this picture is what it seems.

Dreaming Big: Young entrepreneur sets out to conquer the publishing world


Ava Middleton learns more about digital printing after tour at Allen Press

School’s out for the summer which normally means vacations, swimming, and hanging out with friends… well, not for these super kids. Ava Middleton, Rider Middleton, and Katherine Cheung have dipped their young toes into the publishing world by writing, designing and publishing their first magazine, proving that kids can certainly conquer what they put their minds to.

Journal Open Access and Reuse: An Interview with Kevin Smith

Journal Open Access and Reuse: An Interview with Kevin Smith

While the open access model seems simple in principle, there are countless implications for journal publishers to consider. One of the most hotly debated issues in scholarly publishing today is article reuse and permissions – what can readers do with an open access article? Allen Press Publisher Peter Burns interviews University of Kansas Dean of Libraries Kevin Smith to discuss the various facets of this issue and gain insights into what publishers need to do to prevent copyright violations and misuse.