G7 Master Qualified Facility

Allen Press is a G7 Master Qualified Facility and uses this method for calibrating its proofs and presses to produce shared appearance across different materials and devices.

G7 (G stands for gray balance; 7 is the number of colors measured) is a color calibration method that specifies midtone gray balance, image weight, and image contrast to produce a common appearance on different materials using different print technologies. This means that you should see even more continuity between color proofs and the final printed piece as well as improved color consistency from one press run to the next.


The G7 method uses GRACoL (General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography) specifications to manage color in graphic applications and prepress systems to achieve color-accurate printing.

Our prepress technicians have your back when it comes to spotting low resolution graphics and more. We’re committed to catching any file issues early in the production process.

The Kodak InSite Prinergy prepress portal streamlines your file upload and proofing process and is accessible 24/7. It’s our recommended file transfer solution. Our FTP site is also available for file transfers if recommended by your Allen Press account manager.

InSite File Upload