Where do your readers find you? Making your journal articles, books and meeting abstracts easy to discover is central to your mission. Pinnacle™ is our online journal hosting platform, ideal for scholarly publications and may be mobile-optimized. BrightCopy™ is our digital magazine solution with a ‘flip-book’ format.

Pinnacle™ Online Journal Platform

  • Hosts full-text XML and PDF files for journals, books, and abstracts
  • Supports supplemental data, including multimedia files
  • Multiple publication models, including continuous publication
  • Mobile optimized version available
  • Various access control options can be implemented at article-level
  • Uses standard protocols like usernames and passwords for individuals and IP ranges for institutions

Pinnacle™ Advance Article Publication

Journal articles accepted for publication may be published online as a preprint for visibility and citation. Accepted Manuscript allows a journal to post metadata collected during the submission process and a PDF version of the article right after acceptance. Early Release offers the flexibility to decide at what in the production cycle an article is ready for release. Article metadata and a PDF version may be published ahead of the final article.

Brightcopy™ Digital Magazine

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Multimedia integration, including HTML5, video, and audio
  • Automatic linking to both internal and external content
  • HTML5 mobile-optimized website
  • Enhanced features for advertisements
  • Sophisticated digital rights management
  • Digital gatefolds, bellybands, and inserts

eBook Services

  • Conversion to ePUB and Mobi formats
  • Private-label storefront available
  • Distribution through major retailers, including Apple and Amazon

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